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It's done, I am going back to camp.  I spoke with Windy O'Conner yesterday and she filled me in on just how fun Lisa Sherry's Lux Life weekend at the Skyland Camp for Girls is.  I can't wait.  Lisa Sherry, a designer I so admire, is hosting a 3-day weekend in the mountains outside of Asheville to relax, reenergize and re-educate.  Being a long time camper myself, heading back to an established girl's camp of nearly 100 years will no doubt bring back fond memories for me, but this time, it will involve all the creature comforts and "activities" I love.  Read ALL about it here, but as Lisa describes . . " think barns, sleeping porches, pool, trails, horses, archery and counselors, now imagine it with luxury, spa-like activities, a clean-eating menu, coffee truck, cocktails and over-the-top detail right down to thread count, design workshops, and an art work shop with Windy O'Connor."
Take a peek at some of the pictures from last year's event via Lisa's site

What's not to love . . .

Should be such a relaxing couple of days . . . and it's not too late to join !

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