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Is summer really winding down?  When the kids get back from their yearly trek to the Jersey Shore, I know it's time. With just two weeks til school starts, the lazy days are pretty much done.  One of the things I will miss the most, the outdoor lounging and dining.  I especially love one look in particular - string lights. Outside on the porch, across the pergola.   Add candles and paper lanterns and you create quite the dreamy space.   Kate especially loves them.  She is constantly flipping the switch and finding random glass jars to fill with candles.   

 I found a way to keep a bit of summer with me all year.  I am in love with this new vendor who has created the look in a sophisticated fixture.

Available in brass and rose gold, these lights would just look amazing string across bathroom wall . . 

How about over your dining room table. . . 
Or up in the foyer. . 

Worried about that annoying bulb light in your eyes, nope . . just a soft glow.

Keep your summer alive I say . . 

For more info contact us at www.lucyandcompany.com

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