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I've had a rush of installs, new design plans to figure out and back-to-school organizing to do, but I worked in a little time to plan a trip this fall.  While thinking of travel,  I strayed (of course)  toward my future trip to Europe.  It's in the works, but being a planner I've pull images and taken notes on great places to stay, and things to do and see so when the time comes I won't miss anything.

Paris is high on the list.  While I did live in Europe as a kid, and saw some beautiful places, I never made it to France - which as an adult who lives and breaths design, I find that completely unacceptable . . . what is wrong with me (maybe complete lack of time) ? 

When I think of Paris, I think of black and white.  I think of a modern, chic style (very Chanel like) mixed with vintage, heavy - ornate moldings, and gold leaf.  I think of stylish women with a closet to die for.  I think of Lauren Santo Domingo's duplex designed by Francois Catroux.

Who is Lauren Santo Domingo?  A contributing editor at Vogue and co-founder and creative director of Moda 'Operandi, the on line retailer where you can "pre-order tomorrow's fashion today."  She grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut, attended the Kent School and later University of Southern California.   She is hailed as one of the more influential women in New York.  Her wedding, of course, was covered in Vogue.  She seems to have it all . . .

What do I know about Lauren Santo Domingo?  Not too much other than I have seen her name in Vogue and she has the most gorgeous apartment in Paris, that's about it.  But while thinking about trips in my not so distant future I came across a few images I saved of said duplex !  For me, it's the quintessential Parisian look I have in my mind.  Thought I'd share images of this amazing design.

photos by Norman Jean Roy, Oberto Gili and Quentin de Briey

It's simply gorgeous . . . here's my take . . .

 Why all the thoughts of travel? . . . Couple of reasons, the kids are finally old enough to remember and enjoy, I want them to be exposed to a little culture and see that there is a big world out there, I finally have a crew who can keep things rolling at the office, I have a zillion amex points and I am ready to use them - hence the San Francisco trip coming up.

So . . . while in traveling mode - I am thinking of  next summer . . . . and fantasizing a bit.

Cannot wait !

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