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Ashley Seshul.  We tackled her ground floor media space not too long ago (check out here).  We, or should I say Maggie and Bree, spent a week driving back and forth to Hickory installing her next phase and also installing Amber Black's first floor.  Killing two birds.  This phase at Ashley's included her daughter's bedroom and adjoining "hang out" room, along with her more formal upstairs sitting room and hallway.  It was a lot that week.  Multiple installers, painters, wall paper, movers. They were definitely on top of it and I loved watching Maggie, especially, experience what this job is really all about!  If you are fresh out of design school take note . . . . quietly sitting and looking a pretty fabrics may happen 10 % of the time.  Schlepping, hauling, searching, orchestrating, running, quoting, emailing, putting fires out . . .  is what you day to day will really be like.    I am so thankful for those two.  They managed to pull off two big clients at the same time while I working on the new ones back at the office.

I love what Maggie came up with for Ashley's living room.  It was all about working with her existing paint color, curtains and 4 blue chairs and adding in everything else to amp up the style and pull the colors together.  Take a look at the plan and the details.

We needed to work around this pretty Kravet fabric on the windows . . .

Adding  two rugs, wall papers, new side tables, chandeliers and pillows . . .

Take a look at what a little tweaking can do !

Love, love Jessica Zoob's new pillow line (available at www.lucyandcompany.com)

Our last detail was the wall paper in Ashley's tiny hallway.  Perfect.

All in the details !

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