It Was A Dream. . .


I love to stay at different boutique hotels on each trip to New York, have to say this one is high, high on my list of new favorites !  The Dream Hotel in the Meat Packing district, 16th Street on the West Side in Chelsea.  Great neighborhood, one of my favorites and close to the Flat Iron district that I also love.  A few of my favorite haunts in that hood:  the High Line with it's unobstructed view of Manhattan, The Lobster Place - a seafood market in the Chelsea Market to die for,  The Chelsea Market itself, originally the home of the National Biscuit Company (where the Oreo was born) The Gagosian Gallery and plenty of other migrated SoHo art galleries in really cool industrial spaces, and then there's always the hope of bumping into local resident Debbie Harry walking her dog (though Lucy and I are convinced we passed Orlando Bloom)

The location is perfect, a block from Starbucks to get your morning java, half a block from a post office to mail back all the things you can't fit in your suitcase, an Apple store when you forget your charger, a block from a small market for diet cokes when you don't want to pay $10 from the mini fridge.

On your next trip to the City - book it.   Kate's eyes bugged out of her head and immediately wanted me to stole around with her and check it all out.

Very cool lobby, the ceiling is actually the bottom of the 2nd floor pool, chesterfield sofas, poufs covered in Romo Black fabrics (I immediately identified) and a huge art piece - a.k.a. beer can flag.

Cool interior atrium with glass stairs to the pool.

Fabulous art everywhere.

Cool rooms too.  Enough room for 4 if you are sharing.  Great mix of very mod and vintage.

Kate and I always check out the bathrooms - don't ask me why !!

Really rock star double rooms.

The atrium in the lobby has stairs up to the pool.  It was warm enough to swim this past weekend in NY.. so weird, should have brought our suits.

Just a sweet spot all around.

Wandering the neighborhood early Monday . . 

And later had to go by Bergdorf's, it's kind of our thing to check out the windows.

. . . and a cut thru at The Plaza.

Caught the Columbus Day Parade down Fifth.

Tuesday, my request -  trip to MoMA to see the new Henri Matisse "The Cut-outs" exhibit.  Showing until February -  it's a must see!!

Kate got ahold of my camera and took a few pics of her favorites.  She has always been inspired by Pollock, and Keith fell in love with this piece by Lynda Benglis (Blatt 1969) Dayglow pigment and poured latex - shown on the gallery floor.

Just a fun few days !

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