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Hey !

I am all about the space we installed last week for Jill Pleune !  We really went from one extreme to the other - installing the boy's rooms at Lori Crowder's and them switching gears to Jill's sophisticated music room right down the road (all while backing the trucks for BHI tomorrow)  It's been crazy but so much fun.  Happens like this every Spring and have to admit I am there too wanting a change on the home front.  Something is in the air for sure. . .

Jill is awesome. There are so many elements incorporated in this space I can hardly pick my favorite thing. Working with her has been a dream.  She knows I know her style and just let's me curate her spaces for a big surprise reveal.   We started in her family room, moved to the dining room, headed into her foyer and now it was time for this front room.  Was so thrilled to have those previous rooms featured in this month's SouthPark Magazine, even making the cover !

So in this space, I started with a beautiful, yet lonely, piano and tried to create a color cohesive, comfortable and, most of all, eye catching space filled with unique objects and art that jived with the other rooms we designed.  Take a look at our shoot from Friday.

I worked in her favorite color combination of black and white.  Starting with the black walls, I searched for old and new elements.  The first pieces I found were these chairs and console (from Slate Interiors).  The console was perfect as is, the chairs were as well, covered in new white linen, but I chose to recover them in a slightly "dirty" and textured off white - I know I was being really picky here but wanted the space to have a little age.   The hunt then continued with all the art and objects, lighting and rug.

Over a little time I pulled pieces I had coveted from our showroom and then commissioned Ashton Nichols to create two new art pieces, an elephant and a nude and Keith to contribute an abstract tar circle piece.

I filtered in two black and white watercolors, fashion inspired, and a black and white beetle ink piece by Nancy Prator along with and a mirror or two.  The gold tones in the metal warm the space and age it where it needs to be. 

What a beautiful space to play.

Love this fabric we found for two pillows.

And how about these old andirons !!

I am on a feather thing at the moment and these are so so pretty against the black walls.

Another vintage table find.

And a new chandelier !

Ashton's elephant is one of my favorite things for sure !

An how about an unconventional piano bench?!

all photos by mekenzie france

Love Love - seeing this come to life was the highlight of my week.

Happy Monday.

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