Install of the Day ! A Girl's Room in Perpetual Bloom!

Hello There !

Happy Friday and I'm glad it's here.  It's been a lo-o-o-o-ng week, a crazy week, a busy week.  We are almost finished shifting everything at the office and I can't wait for that to be over !!  We have moved our entire back office to the front and reorganizing the entire back housing a plethora of accessories.  It's like early Spring cleaning, all hands have been on deck.  Myself, Bree, Maggie, Betsy, Keith and now Keith's brother and Deb (new to the crew).  I am most excited about the new vibe around there.  So speaking of Spring cleaning . . . this space we installed this week was all inspired by a wallpaper my young 12 year old client chose herself.  I love it and was happy to run it it for her.  Having shared a room with her sister all these years, it was time to split the two up and give them each a room of their own.  I involved them both in the project early on, letting them drive the design with the paper choice.  I then surprised them both with all the details, bells and whistles.

Take a look at this beautiful, bright, clean new bedroom space !

Voila, a former guest room, now all Evelyn's.  Enjoy girl !!

photo's by mekenzie loli

Stay tuned for her sister's space, we are shooting this afternoon . . .

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