Install of the Day - Working Around A Wonderful Wallpaper!


So while working on splitting these sisters up, one had to stay in the original space she shared.  In an effort to freshen up her space, we ended up changing out most of it.  We couldn't help ourselves.  I think they were both over the pink and wanted a new look.  Both wanted blues tones, and this paper was her no. 1 choice.  Working around that I pulled in the brass, white and yellow primarily and replaced the twin beds with a queen. We also added a new dresser and side tables.  The rug had seen better days so we replaced that as well.  I have always loved this paper.  Work on a design board to give her a real vision of the space . . .

With the bed centered on the biggest wall, we added a long pole with full curtains as a bit of a back drop.  These did stay from the original design I did years ago.  New paper, floating white shelves, a big focal chandelier and rug.  I love this bed.  Our upholster makes them for us and they are made to last !  A little glimmer in the mirrored side tables and gorgeous more grown up lamps !


photo's by mekenzie loli

Happy Monday !

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