How a Single Pillow Can Inspire a Plan

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It has been crazy busy, realizing I haven't posted anything in almost a month and I love to write on the blog!  Even gotten a few emails from a few followers wondering what the deal was with me ! Whole house projects have consumed our time, the details are unreal . . . So excited about these biggies and cannot wait to install and shoot !!!  With not a lot of down time to investigate some of my favorite new findings, thought post a bit on some of these big jobs coming up this Spring as a little teaser, and promise to give a glimpse into the upcoming High Point Market best of.. (in April).  

Take a look at a project with the green light, goods ordered and just waiting for our ever so busy wall paper installer to get the ball rolling !  It was all inspired by a single pillow, piece of art and gorgeous runner my client already had in the foyer . . .

The colors:  charcoal, coral, teal.  I started in the foyer and popped a ceiling wall paper for a little drama.  Changing the front door from white to black, it give this space a little weight.  This runner, loved and was thrilled to work everything around it.

This front office, already complete by my client gave me a great example of their style.  Love when my client's have such good taste !!

The dinning room has some what of a blank slate.  With just the table and chairs, my client really wanted to give it a little drama.  I went two directions for them, one with a big dose of color, the second more subtle.. what would you do ?!!

Love both . . . .

The back family room was the main reason I got the call.  With a great grey sectional, I was asked to finish the room, and pull it all together with a little style.

I started by adding the pillows into this room that I used as my color inspiration.  Curtain panels, chandelier and art to start.

A blank wall now filled with art, and a simple bookcase with brass accents.  Loving the worn leather chair look and this particular style is still sleek enough for a modern look.  Visible to the front door, all the colors now are pulled in.  Fun, eclectic look for this young family.

As with many clients, the fireplace / tv wall is their biggest struggle.  The typical built in doesn't have to be the only go to.  I found these metal side consoles.  The perfect size and with the wire mess doors - all the accessing of remotes and equipment - not a problem.

Also added a big seagrass rug with a great shaggy moroccan over top.  Layer layer is the keep.

So stay tuned for this install - loving the color combination !!


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