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I love that Maggie has been on such a roll as of late !  This ongoing project for John and Olga Karagounis is coming together so beautifully.  She has been working with these two on the look for the first floor of their new home in South Charlotte.  With the architecture having such a big presence it was important not to have the decor fight it.  She chose neutrals with a slight pop of navy and kelly green.  The bigger pieces a more subtle grey to blend in with the stone and horizontal trim.  Take a look at the design board she created and how beautifully it came together.

I love this image, it really captures the size of the room and all the details.  She chose three gorgeous Bobo pendants to drop from the ceiling, matching cabinets flanking the huge fireplace, all in similar colors.  We had the sofa recovered and placed on a larger rug.  The pop came in with the back of the new swivel chair and art.  Just the perfect amount of color.

Great job Maggie !

Perfect styling job in the bookcase as well !

From the great room into the kitchen just a touch of paper for a little wow factor.

All this ties back to the dining room she installed in the fall.  Love it !

photos by mekenzie loli

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  1. The Bobo Pendants are beautiful! Can you share a resource for these? thanks