Install of the Day !


I got a text the other day with a picture of my client Sheri's two sons, husband and dog piled up in her new bed, in her new room, her new quite space of retreat.  I laughed and at the same time texted her back telling her to kick them out !  This space turned out so beautiful and soothing.  Sheri waited a long time for a pulled together, beautiful master bedroom and I get it - when I did my own space I waiting until the entire house was finished before I worked on my master bed and bath.  Why is that?! But I tell you what, when it's done it does become a place you can run off and hide in or just go to bed a little early and wash the day off.

Their master bathroom needed to be completely redone as well.  When I realized we really didn't need to relocate too many things in the bath, I went to town on amazing tile, hardware, lighting and a custom shower door . . . take a look at this amazing master bedroom and bathroom suite.

all photos by mekenzie loli

Such a pretty space !!! Love all the bits of brass and clean white - Aaaaah !

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