Does Art Need to Match Your Sofa?

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As an art lover, former art student and married to an artist I have always felt it is crucial to include original pieces in all my design projects.  When I design a space I incorporated pieces into the design boards in the hopes of inspiring my clients to invest in a beautiful piece.  For the visually challenged these boards help so much I've been told.  So, when I install a job I always bring in art to show them just how finished it makes a room feel.  Art, however, is very personal.  What I might think is perfect, may not speak to my client.  So, I never get my feelings hurt when they don't love a piece as much as I do !  I encourage clients to look for a original art while on a trip or out shopping around town, to finish their space.  That piece will then always remind them of that special time in their lives.

While the saying "art doesn't need to match your sofa" I firmly believe to be true, at the same time I do feel it should jive with the space in scale and feel.   When designing my last project I fell in love with the works of Geraldine Neuwirth, and felt they would be perfect placed in the space.  Geraldine is represented by the women at Hidell Brooks Gallery so take a look at some of these pieces and see what you think design lovers . . .  I see a little mid century vibe in them.  Now that the spaces have been finished,  my hope is for an afternoon shopping for art together !

Take a look at these truly unique and amazing pieces, whimsical and full of detail.

To see more - check out Geraldine's work at Hidell Brooks and read more about her in this great post by fellow Charlotte designer, Holly Phillips ! (here)

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