Install of the Day !

Hi There !

Here we are late August and I wish I had the time to blog more... I love to do it.  It gives me a moment to reflect on some amazing projects I have had the opportunity or work on, and really look at the final outcome in Mekenzie's great pictures.  We have been so busy it seems we finish one installation and are in the midst of another without much time to breath.

We also seem to be jumping from style to style as well, which seems to be our new normal.  From modern to mid-century, transitional, eclectic to cottage chic it's always a challenge for us to create spaces that our clients are comfortable with, yet nudging them a bit out of their comfort zone for something they might not have thought of on their own.

This particular project however, came with ease.  Not only do I love my client's particular style and taste, the house itself is gorgeous.  Located near the Blue Ridge Mountains on a quite little lake, this home was practically a gutted job.  Having gone through renovations and builds, my clients were very savvy in the details and didn't need much in the way of help from me to get it renovated.   They worked with their local contractor to remove walls, lighten colors, change floors, gut bathrooms and completely re-do the kitchen.  I jumped in with the decor as was thrilled to do so.  With a mid-century feel we wanted a clean space with unique pieces and simple lines to show the beautiful view outside and details of the house.  No clutter here.

When working on the plan I basically started at the front entrance and worked my way through.  I have been excited to finish this up and share the final outcome !  While I head back to Brevard this week for the basement portion which is now ready (contractors working on "mountain time"), it's quite a unique and beautiful space, one I could see myself in someday !

This rock wall was original to the house.  It was cleaned up, framed out and stayed put to separate the front entrance from the main living spaces, yet open for a beautiful view and feel of openness.

Simple, yet inspiring pieces create a moment when you enter.  Take a look.

art by keith keim

From behind that rock wall the space opens up with two sitting areas, dining and kitchen all with an amazing view of the lake this house rests on.  Isn't the ceiling amazing !

The dining area is situated perfectly for a clear view out the large doors across the deck to the still and quite lake.  I wanted a comfortable and laid back feeling in the entire space but also didn't want your average pieces.  This chandelier I felt was perfect.  Made of rope and open as not to block too much.  I didn't want anything heavy there.  The custom dining table is a live edge made from spalted maple, one of my new favorites.  Created by Josh Utsey this table is simply gorgeous ! Spalted Maple has the most beautiful veins and drizzles of an ink like design crawling across the wood.  This spot is not only perfect for a long dinner but a game or two and a puzzle or three !  We made a custom bench on one side and covered it in a rustic old Kuba cloth that I loved.

A clear view of the large deck and lake that spans the whole back is your gorgeous view from the main living area.

The kitchen is just a few steps away with a large island and open shelving.  White cabinets and white tile.  Clean and simple.

There are two areas perfect to relax inside on those rainy days or late nights in this open concept space.  My client saved some of the wormy chestnut to have this storage piece made.  A little open shelving and a rock fireplace also fill the wall.

We had a leather sofa and chaise made to face the TV and a pair of antique brass tables nest together as oppose to one for a little something different.

Our other sitting area houses a large 8 x 10 sectional, patchwork hide rug and a few leather chairs all facing lakeside.

The kitchen opens to the dining area and visually is a clean and simple as the entire space.  With open concept simple is key.  I take no credit for this gorgeous kitchen space.  Input on counter tops was about it.  Like I said - great taste with this client !

I did find these great counter stools, that I just love.

The key to open shelving - don't over accessorize !  Simple dishes in like colors, a little art, cool down lighting.

Three upstairs bedrooms on this main floor - a  master, kids and guest.  Take a walk through . . .

I particularly love this upholstered headboard with it's two horizontal seams and one center one - don't know why, just like it's design.  Walls sconces and a splash from Lindsay Cowell, one of my new favorite textile and paper queens !  She's amazing and we cannot get enough of her work.

This clean and quite space looks out onto the lake and one of these days will have a pretty cool fireplace and floating shelf installed !

The design of the master bath design - all my client's and pretty great, jealous !

One of our guest rooms was designed to have a whimsical side and be used primarily for an oldest daughter.

This queen bed, from one of vendors has a great combination of metal and burlap upholstery.  Simple lighting and accent pieces.

Another gorgeous lake view I could nap in there for hours !

Bedroom no. 3 - a Bunk Room with a slight gypsy vibe.  Found a great peacock chair at Slate and mixed in a beaded chandelier, fun mirror and artwork.

Lastly, and getting installed this week the basement rec room and 4th bedroom - I'll take any excuse to head back to the mountains !

Such a fun project !  And what a beautiful place to run off to !

all photos by Mekenzie Loli