Install of the Day !

Hey !

Sister no. 2, the youngest.  Her only request, curtains around her bed.  A simple thing (and something we can easily ditch when the novelty wears off - lol).  How pretty is this space.  The wall paper IS the room and it's gorgeous.  The look of hand painted flowers, subtle with it's simple brush strokes in shades of pink and navy.  It's a small room and she's a small girl - so we pulled in a simple four-poster bed, layered a rug and sheepskin, new side table and dresser.  Not a ton of furniture, but impactful for sure.

Take a look at Catie's room.

She may be young, but designing a little more grown up will give you lasting power !

all photos by mekenzie loli


  1. So light and airy! Delightful details - the lamp and the mirror frame. Can the curtains be pulled all the way around the foot end of the bed? Love this room.

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