Install of the Day !


While I am working on the entire downstairs at the Filman-Carter home, our last install upstairs was daughter number three - Lily's room.  She wanted - a "den" feeling, the Serengeti, and a punching bag, yep that's what I said.

This room, small as well, was a huge challenge.  With closet doors, entry door, 8 foot ceiling and an overall small floor plan the loft bed idea was something I really didn't want to do.  It can be first of all a pain to make up and just something that eventually runs its course and you have to get it out of there, not to mention expensive.  I had this idea to center the new dresser in the room and create fabric panels on two sides of it. This created a cozy and tucked away sleeping and lounging area, keeping the floor open for that requested punching bag !  Leaf patterns, distressed wood and the stamped hide rug with zebra pattern finished it all off for a walk down the animal trail.   Different for sure . . .  What do you think?

I had a low upholstered headboard made to run down the side of the bed creating both a "sofa" and a bed.  The same fabric as the headboard falls at the head of the bed from the ceiling.

I love this rug - have one in my office !

all photos by mekenzie loli

Such fun working on the Filman girl's rooms, stay tuned for the downstairs !!!

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  1. I love all three of the girls' rooms at the Filman-Carter home! The cosy bed area in Lily's room is so appealing, and the headboard along the side, making it into a sofa as well as a bed - brilliant!