Are You a Murano Glass Fan?

Hi There !

I brought so many things back from our trip to Italy, in the way of inspiration that is.  One of the things I did recognize while we were in the gorgeous Palazzina G were the amazing Murano Glass chandeliers over the main bar.  Stunning.

Got me thinking and embracing one my Nashville client is using in her dining room (as Phase 2).  They truly are gorgeous.  I started looking around and found several beauties on 1st Dibs.  Just thought I'd give you a feast for the eyes on this feast of a day, Thanksgiving 2017.

A little history on Murano Glass, if you aren't familiar . . 

Made on the Venetian island of Murano for centuries specializing, developing and refining the technology of crystalline glass, enamelled glass, golden glass, milk and multicolored.  These century old techniques are still used today to create everything from lighting to artwork, decorative art and bar ware.  The Museo del Vetro in Palazzo Giustinian was founded in 1861 and  houses the history of glass making with a huge range of samples.  Sadly the industry has been shrinking as imitation works from Asia have taken an estimated 45% of the market for Murano glass.  The numbers of professional glass makers have decreased from about 6000 to fewer than 1000 today.

Now many of these may be out of all of our budgets, but we work with several vendors who are equally inspired by these amazing pieces . . . like this one for example for $7,500 - made in Italy.

I recently installed a job in Atlanta using it's much less expensive American brother . . .

Or how about this beauty for $9,000

I found a similar version and installed one in this kitchen breakfast area we created.

Lighting is one of my weakness and I am on the hunt for the perfect chandelier for my new office.  Can't wait to see if I do the high or low . . . I am a sucker for the real deal and I love the artistry and statement these pieces make, not to mention the good memory (of a fabulous trip).  It's hard to say if I'll invest in the piece that will bring me total joy every time I walk in the space or something a lot less that will probably be just as good but not make me quite as thrilled.. we'll see.

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