Install of the Day !

Hi !

Maggie and I are ships passing in the night !  This time of year we are jamming on installs to keep our clients happy for the holiday !!!  She's worked on a dining room, a home office & living room (coming up next) and just recently this updated, installed and photographed big girl room all while overseeing a huge job in Huntersville.  She's crazy busy, as am I !  We need an assistant . . . and come January it's high on our list to find the right person !!

In the meantime, wanted to post these gorgeous pictures Mekenzie shot the other day of a long time Maggie-client.  Expecting baby no. 3 we did a little room shift, giving the oldest a new, tweaked space !  I love this Lindsay Cowell wall paper and drop pendant especially.  Look how pretty !

A corner, not neglected . . 

An really yummy pillows for her bed.

Mekenzie shot a series of horse images for me and this is one of them, I love.  Stay tuned, will be adding a shop section on our website in 2018 and will have several pieces of her original photography  !!

Great tweak, ready for baby no. 3 !!

photos by Mekenzie Loli, design by Maggie Crandall for Lucy and Company