Artist Spotlight: Kristin Blakeney

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Another artist we placed in our recent install was Kristin Blakeney.  She is represented by Shain Gallery, here in Charlotte as well as Galleries in Georgia, Alabama and Boston (see her site).  I have always loved her work and have placed several pieces !

This particular piece I thought was perfect for the space we just installed . .  and my client agreed !

These new pieces, available at Shain are the perfect for a small spot or as a grouping.

I have loved filtering in her work on several installs, this one was a big hit in a job we working on in Florida for a new modern build.

Maggie also took a two of her pieces to a recent install to give out client a visual . . . So perfect !

Here are a few more of my favorites !

Mekenzie recently interviewed Kristin, here's what the young and talented artist revealed . .

Raised in Davidson, NC, Kristin says North Carolina influenced her work greatly.
"There is so much character and funk in North Carolina. Some of my friend's parents were artists, like David Wilgus, and I remember being so intrigued by their lifestyle and talents.  Like many Carolinians, I grew up going to the Blue Ridge Mountains. We were raised going to the mountains, camping and hiking. The mountains of my youth continue to be my greatest source of inspiration with my landscapes. Even my abstracts have a neutral, hazy quality to them that always takes me back to nature. The shades of mint, gray and green you can see on a single piece of tree bark...many times that's where I find my color palettes. Mother Nature always does it best. 

Kristin lives and works in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She recently opened a studio downtown. "The front of the store is all windows so it has beautiful, natural light - it's a giant room with tall white walls and I work on six to ten paintings at a time. I work with a lot of different mediums so I'm constantly leaving one painting and moving to the next." When asked about her workspace: "Very messy...once I get in the mode, I just start slinging paint.  I have two large tables that I use as palettes.  I like to take a color and make lots of subtle variances so I need lots of space to create.  My walls are covered with large brushstrokes. I like to test colors before I "marry" them to the canvas so my walls become a plethora of test samples."

Her inspiration?  "Joan Mitchell's work changed everything for me. On a trip to Chicago, I saw her painting, City Landscape, at the Art Institute. I couldn't get enough.  On my way home from Chicago, I got off the plane and drove to the nearest art supply store. I told the store clerk I wanted to learn to paint with oils and asked him how to do it and what I needed. Ha! I've had help since then but her work definitely inspires me.  I also love the work of Willem De Kooning, Cy Twombly and Francis Bacon." 

She also uses experimental media. "I mix a lot of non paint substances to create my colors. Coffee helps me make the most beautiful turquoise." Her painting ritual includes music reminiscent of her art. "I like to make a playlist to get my groove going. I did a series of landscapes based off Alabama and listened to only bluegrass type stuff...Amos Lee, Allison Krauss...I like for the music to represent my work." 

When asked about books she has enjoyed recently, she recommended Yellow Crocus. "It was such a well written and thought provoking book! I cannot recommend it enough."

Thanks for talking with us, Kristin! 

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