Artist Spotlight: Lauren Bolshakov

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Meet Lauren Bolshakov.  I recently placed one of her pieces on a project I was working on.  Found at Isabella, here in Charlotte, it was perfect for the room... Soothing and organic.  I jumped on her website and found so many pretty pieces, well priced too !

Take a look at a few of my favorites . . .

Mekenzie recently spoke with artist, lover of dance, nature, and music, Lauren Bolshakov about herself and her artistic journey. 

Lauren has called Florida, Georgia, Maryland, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Colorado, Texas, South Carolina and now Charlotte home. "I feel home home here, though - it’s my favorite of everywhere I’ve ever lived and I plan to stay for a while!” She's been here for three years now, but began her artistic career in Columbia, South Carolina. "It was a wonderful, supportive arts community and I’m so glad to have had so many wonderful collectors and galleries and interior showrooms that gave me so many great experiences to build on and grow from here in Charlotte.”
Her father had a hand in influencing her trade early on. “My dad was a painter by hobby, never profession. (I wish he’d get back into it!) I remember sneaking into his little office where he painted and being enamored by the smells of his oil paints and wanting to play with everything. I still have a super old tube of cadmium red grumbacher oil paint in . No idea why I would have chosen to steal that particular color as I never ever use red, but every time I find in my studio it makes me happy. Probably the only tube of red paint I’ll ever own!” 

She has a home studio, but imagines moving to another location. "I would love to at some point to also have a studio outside of the house with lots of big windows and wood floors - I’ve (had) a dream for a while now to have a space where I could have a gallery, studio space, and a dance floor. (My husband and I dance Argentine Tango). A girl can dream, right?”
As for the artist's inspiration: “My abstract art is inspired by movement, by nature, by dance, and by connections. Being an artist and a dancer makes you want to convey the way moving feels to people visually. There is also a reoccuring botanical note that seems to creep up in my work from time to time and I also get the itch to paint cityscapes every time we travel.”
When asked if she has any rituals when creating her art, she said “Music!! I have to have music - when I get “stuck” I put down my brush and dance around my studio.”

Lauren is also the author of a delightfully fresh blog, showcasing her art, family travels, shopping, and decor. 
Check it out here.

Thanks, Lauren, for chatting with us!

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