Dinner Party 101

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I just got home from Nashville .  Went to meet the contractor at the home of a favorite client of mine to finalize some things so we can hurry up and finish this so amazing install to be . . .

But one of the main reason I went out was to go to a dinner party.  The host - a pair of the sweetest clients I know.  They threw a party to include the architect, builder (of her amazing dining table) and moi - oh, and the banker, and respective partners.  It was nothing short of delightful.  The house looking so pretty and the smells coming from the kitchen, so divine.  She engaged the services of Chris, a chef at Nashville's Etch Restaurant.    Wow - so amazing, from the two appetizers of steamed dumplings and seared tuna to a Thia inspired salad, coconut miso soup, skirt steak with purple potatoes, all with an Asian infusion theme.  Um... so good.   I'm bringing on the chef from now on so I can actually socialize and not have to cleanup.  Brilliant.

But one thing I particularly loved was the table setting.  Just a simple thing, but so personal.  We needed to find our seats based on the printed word definitions at each place setting...  mine - Adorn.

Cindy also had such beautiful flowers all about the house, one of her favorite things to do.  Got me thinking about centerpieces and just how much I love them as well. Keeping fresh flowers on my dining table at all times is a goal of mine.

Where's definitely a knack to it.  Height and looseness.  I tend to like a tone on tone arrangement, but it really all depends on the overall look and type of food, seriously yes.. type of food.  Keep a few things in mind, either very tall of low as not to block the cross table conversation.

Take a peek at a few of my favorite looks.

Mix in fruits and veggies as well, it's easy and can add a little more color and texture.  Artichokes, pomegranates, and even beets and brussle sprouts are great.  Also try herbs to add a subtle fragrance.  A big no-no are scented candles, who wants their turkey to sell like "sea breeze."

All these arrangements are simple in color and when mixed with a neutral place setting lets the food do the talking, as it should.  Very nature inspired, very clean and easy with most of the floral coming from most of our yards even the Anemone, my favorite and quite easy to grow.  It's a look that can stay on the table all of the time which is also a goal of mine.

I love white china.  I cannot wait to load up a new - old pine cabinet I got for the mountain house with new pieces I have collected, all white.

Love these as well.

Fell in love recently with this Lindsay Rogers (here) from right in my back yard - Western North Carolina.  I'll take one of each.

Another favorite from Koromiko (here

I love a pretty table.

Happy Friday

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