Happy Friday !!

Hey There . . .

Have a meeting this Friday morning with a new client wanting to renovate her kitchen.  I was thrilled to pull in Ben Collins of the Salins Group for this renovation.  I love his work !!  What I've done is create a design board to give my client a visual from the dining room into the kitchen, as we want a pass through and I wanted to see just what she'll see through that opening.

In the dining room I want to include storage, but pretty storage.  This fluted style woodwork is something I've seen Ben do in the past and I love it !  Simple and clean.  New wall paper window treatments, but keeping the remaining (she has great taste).

So this kitchen will have an interesting layout to incorporate the existing large banquette she already has, which is killer.  New round tables and stoops as oppose to a large round or rectangle allows for easy pass through to the banquette seating and two chandelier that will wander towards each other and be visible through that pass through.

Hoping to use a large art piece, this pattern by my friend Windy O'Connor to fill the void and again be visible through that pass through and door to dining room.  While I am kinda over ship lap, I like it in this spot.  With the placement and shape of the banquette I didn't want to line artwork over it and the ship lap gives the walls a little texture in a clean, simple way.

We are meeting today to go over these ideas and pick counter top and back splash.  Maybe continue the ship lap, maybe a marble counter top.  We'll see !

With Ben's suggestion and my complete thumbs up the back wall will all be behind doors, pretty doors.

Excited to get feedback this morning !