Install of the Day !

Hi There !

My client Karen Greene came to me recently wanting help with her son's big boy room.  Cruz, still just a little guy had a sister on the way and he was getting kicked out of his nursery ! I'm pretty sure he (and especially his Mom) are ok getting to move to these new digs !  I especially love this big boy room.  When designing it, I (like always) want something with lasting power.  A real bed, real dresser all with quality pieces with a look that would last.  I proposed a "chic" modern cabin fell as this couple lives on the lake with a gorgeous view.  Sturdy bed made of metal and wood, a funky metal side table and dresser with clean lines and easy drawers.  With those key pieces picked I then working on the fun details to give it personality.

Client's often ask how I can make such a "grown up" space fun and youthful for a little kid.  I say, it's all in the accessories.  I was so happy when Karen just trusted and let me bring over things I knew would still look fabulous, but keep it age appropriate.  The cool thing is - you pull out the little kid details and you have a teen room or a pretty cool guest room !

This bench she was on the fence about, but loved when I brought it over.  It works with the look I was going for and the legs have that whimsical side that keeps it fun.

A simple round, rustic mirror with an easy lamp.  My ceramic sheep helped bring the look to a fun, younger side.

Found two art pieces at Slate by Ted Lee.  Abstract with the right colors for a little more grown up look, but still could read kid like.  I simply floated them in inexpensive Ikea white frames.

Pillows, this is where I brought in a little color.  Still a bit rustic but the fun patchwork added that kid touch.

A space saving floor lamp and no side table on one side of the bed, and wall hanging round shelf.  I "shopped" the house to add some of Cruz's things to add the kid feel.

The large scale graphic wall paper was the final touch that really gave the space personality.

I Love this room !

While the design board gave Karen a good vision of the space - the details really finished it off !!!

Meanwhile new sister inherited Cruz's space.  The dresser and crib.  We added new pieces to make it her own.

The wall paper we decided on put things in motion.  Love the bright, light colors and modern pattern and feel.  I flipped the dresser and crib and brought in a new custom swivel, reclining chair.  Luckily the rug that was in the former guest room (now Cruz's room) was perfect with this paper!

Small tweaks to this space changed the look completely.  New bright white paint,  a new cornice, lamps and a few accessories and voila.

A last minute round mirror I just found at West Elm was my suggestion to order and add over the dresser / changing table - check it out in the West Elm link... great price and look.

Fun morning out on the lake !!  Karen, it was a delight and look forward to moving onto the Master !!