Falling in Love With - American Southwest Style


This year we did a re-design at the office.  A had friends and clients driving by thinking I had moved or closed because through the big front windows there was a whole lot of nothing.  Reason, we painted the entire place white.  White walls, white floors.  Over the past month or so we have been setting up an entirely new look (stay tuned, shooting soon).  As well as the front office, I have re-done my small back office (my place to get away).  Loving the new look, clean and crisp.  As with every trip, I was on the hunt  for a little piece of art for home and or work and knew exactly what I wanted, a little piece of Native American pottery.

The Hopi Indians were considered a sub tribe of the Pueblo Indians, hailing from Arizona and the word Hopi means peaceful ones or hopeful.  The pottery, made of wet clay and then buried under the sand until it dried have the most gorgeous pattern design.  Each piece tells a story and I am particularly drawn to the colors and the intricate detail.


I was so inspired at a gallery we stopped at on the way to the Grand Canyon. Not only with the original pieces, but the look as a whole.  White walls with pops of natural color, in the textiles and goods.

I am incorporating barn doors in our new space at work.  Having discovered an amazing new carpenter, Jacob Wolfe.  He is creating five new doors for our back hallway out of reclaimed barn wood.  I cannot wait to see them !

I am pulling in natural weaves and colors throughout in the way of rugs, wall hangings and furniture and all these pieces really spoke to me.

Having fallen in love with the look of fringe a while ago, seeing the original deal solidified my love of it !

Great little find, this Native American Gallery.  Even more fun, the trip to and from.  Stopping along the way, seeing all the natural cactus growing and little side road shops.  Red Rocks, vast landscapes, and a little humor !