Install of the Day !

Happy Monday

What a fun weekend - it was so, so nice, on Sunday to chill a bit after a crazy 3 weeks.  Installing a whole house in High Point, going to Market for three days, coming home to leave for this install in D.C. meanwhile getting my house ready for the Plaza Midwood Home Tour.  Needless to day I was in a bit of a fog on Sunday, thanks to the kids and Keith, I got to zone a bit !!

I wish I had had Mekenzie with me in D.C.  This Master Bedroom install turned out so pretty, I wish my photography skills could have captured it... not so much... but wanted to show you a bit of it.

Eve and Greg Besant.  I have been going up to D.C to help them with their home now for a little over a year I think?  We started downstairs in the Family Room, moved onto the Kitchen and Dining Room.  It was not time to do the Master Bedroom and touch on the Basement Man Cave.

They have been such a delight to work with.  Game for anything and open to all my design choices which I love.  This Master needed everything and it was time to get the paper off the windows and bed off the metal frame !!!  Why is it that we always leave our spaces to last?    I did as well.  My Master was the last thing I did and ... embarrassed to say still haven't touched my Master Bath !! Well the time had come.  I pulled the colors from the first floor, but instead of bold color, I used the teal as my pop color.  I wanted this Master be be soothing and grown up !

How much do I love this dresser wall.  The paper is killer as is the dresser.  When I came across this owl piece at Slate Interiors I had to have it !  I layered the all these pieces and so happy with how it turned out.

The bed, we had made to fit in the window and not be too high.  Loaded up with gorgeous pillows.

I love this room.  Moving the bed into the window with a wall of gorgeous curtains to pull across created quite the focal wall.   A lot of subtle texture and patterns.

Keith created a little art for me as well to give it a little pop !

D.C. is such a great city and this time I chose to stay at the Hotel Palomar in Dupont Circle.  Great place !  

The rooms are huge and beautiful - a must stay !

As well as the Master Bedroom, I ventured downstairs to start Greg's Man Cave !  We added an accent wall paper on two walls, filtered in a leather chair, lighting and a few side tables to compliment his existing sectional.  Gave it a little style !

And again.. pictures not so great.. miss you Mekenzie !

Have a few other fun installs kicking in this week ! Stay tuned.