It's Been 10 Years !

Hey !

Has it really been 10 years ?  Yeah, think so.  I met Becky and Jed a long time ago and we did some pretty major work in their Dilworth home.  Fast forward and our kids are now almost in high school and not the little 1st graders running around.  It's time for an update as well.. a pretty big one.  They have pulled the trigger on a new master bathroom and closet area, outdoor living space and completely blown out basement for the kids.  Slippery slope I say.  We are changing all the interior colors (and now exterior ones as well) and updating a lot of the furniture.  The kitchen has kicked in as well !  This is a big one and it's in the works as I type.  When I get back from Maggie's Wedding and Market we will be deep into the painting and soon to install !  Can wait, and I know she can't.  It's been pretty painless she says though, glad to hear.

Take a look at what I have planned !

The Foyer turns into the living space.  I shifted the sofa to another room and have four comfortable chairs, new lighting, coffee table, windows . . .

. . . and a pair of Windy O'Connor's art pieces over a new console.

The Dining Room keeps the table and sideboard, but new curtains, chairs, lighting and wall color.

From the Dining Room you turn into the Kitchen.   Painting all the cabinets, new counter tops and back splash and a little ship lap on the side walls.  We had made a gorgeous banquette a while back, it stays, as does the lighting and upholstered pantry doors.

We also updated the Family Room not that long ago.  It all says with new lighting.

The side Office gets a big face-lift.  Navy walls and new molding.  Re purposed Living Room sofa and chair (recovered) but with all new accents.

The Master Bedroom is the biggest change.  New everything.  All very tone on tone with new ceiling beams.

I cannot wait to see this come together and cannot wait to see how Jacob hoists those beams he is making through the front windows !

New Master Bath.  Should be a dream !

Now the boys may be getting the shaft until they are a little older (ha ha) but sweet Kate is getting an updated room.  Saying good bye to the hot pink and in comes the blues.  So long to the twin beds and hello Queen size !  It's time.

We managed to re purpose the downstairs desk and recover a few chairs from the old master bedroom. 

The Basement is the biggest change.  Roby (her contractor) blew out the big wall, jacked up the ceiling supports and opened it all up.  New bathroom, pool table, lounge area.  The most work is happening down there !

. . . as well as the outdoor space.  This will be one space they will use constantly and will be so worth it all !

So stay tuned.... Schedule to install in late May, but follow my instagram page for sneak peeks !!!!