The Welcome Home Project !

Hi There !

We at Lucy and Company are so excited to share a new project we have just put into motion ! 

A a new non-profit organization whose mission will be to transform the room of a child facing medical crisis at no cost to the family.  Designing, orchestrating and installing a new bedroom for well deserving kids who have gone through so much !

When Lucy and Company started back in 1999 our focus was on kid's spaces, designing and installing.  Over all those years I found such great joy in surprising my client' s kids with a bright, happy, pulled together new space.  There's something about creating a beautiful space that just lightens your mood.  I found my client kids are so proud of their new spaces and it has really given them a jump start on keeping it clean and organized.  For me - there has always been something about living and working in a beautiful space, it just calms and relaxes me !

I started thinking about this project about a year ago and thought to myself, how wonderful would it be for a kid whose been struggling and fighting a life threatening illness to come home to a space that didn't remind them of being sick !  How even greater would it be to give this space to a family who might not have the means to do it themselves.

So . . . I got together with my team at Lucy and Company who were all on board from the get-go, then reached out to a few awesome friends and clients.  We decided to just run with it.  After contacting Levine Children's Hospital and then being connected to the Isabella Santos Foundation, it didn't take long to have it's founder Erin Santos come by our office for a meeting.  It was at that very meeting we put this project in motion !  Next Friday night at the Isabella Santos Foundation's Pumpkin Ball, we are announcing The Welcome Home Project's First Recipient.

We will be designing and installing a full blown bedroom with all the bells and whistles.  The support has been awesome so far and it's just been a few days and I can only image all those friends and colleges who will jump in.

Moving forward we will pick a child per quarter and cannot wait to get to know these families and work on these amazing spaces.  Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram both on our Lucy and Company page and new The Welcome Home Projects page to see all the events, reveals and updates.  I will be finishing our website soon so stay tuned for that as well.