Knowing Your ABC's and How to Use Them !

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Ordering your kid's name in bright fun letters to hang on the wall over their bed . . . fun, but done often.  Mixing in an initial or two in your grown up living space is often not thought of - but I love!  Take a look at the perfect way to incorporate your ABC's

Lucy and Company offers these great vintage "carnival" style lights. Now I have the "peace sign" in Lucy's room at home . . . and these are pretty fab, too . . .

too big and crazy . . . we also off these more subtle versions . . .

Happy Day . . .

- Beth

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  1. I love finding new ways to use initials and letters in a fun way. You're so right that so often we see children's names all spelled out in the same color or pattern, but there are fun ways you can mix it up so it doesn't look exactly like the other kids (and that goes for the family too). Love these ideas!