Local Eats, Local Decor

Hey . . .

I mentioned The Diamond yesterday . . . and of course it got me craving their fried chicken which I have no business eating - but we strolled down for dinner.  If you haven't been, you should.  By far the best burger in town.  All home made, All home cooking at it's finest . . . feel good food!

The decor is all that too.

.. at the booth next to us, and no, he didn't get himself a T-shirt !

Let me give you a little back story . . . 

Way back in 2000 when I opened Lucy and Company there was a restaurant opening next door, The Penguin.  Now the Penguin was a landmark that had been in Plaza Midwood forever, 1954 I think, but was getting a new lease on life by three guys . .  Jimmy, Grey and Brian.

It was quite the dump . . . as was my rental space next door.  But we knew the bones were good and we both wanted to bring a little life back into the hood.

Before . . .

After . . .

Between the boys and myself we worked late into the night renovating our spaces.   I loved the Penguin.  The burgers and fried pickles wafted through the walls of my space. . . driving me crazy and keeping me happy at the same time. 

We were on the block for a good 6 years.

This was our space 12 years ago !

The Penguin made quite the name for themselves . . . It became THE place to go and was always packed.
They were even featured on Guy Fieri's Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. .

The press even did a nice bit on both of us . . 
 click here to read the entire article from The Charlotte Business Journal

"Seedy Turns To Trendy"

Fast Forward to 2011 . . .

I moved to a bigger space that was all my own back in 2004 . . but the Penguin was going strong and I thought would be our neighborhood place to eat for life. . . until that day came.  The Penguin was not the same . . "a debate over the ownership of a name and the ownership of the things it stood for."

The Penguin was now an unfamiliar place - the food.. not the same.

But . . . Brian and Jimmy moved about 200 feet away (that part I love). .  and took the old Diamond in hand.  Another neighborhood dinner that needed an overhaul.    They transformed the interior and took all the great food with them too . .  and their third partner Greg opened his place . . . Pinkies - equally as good, but on the other side of town.

This is Brian

click here to read the entire article from Charlotte Magazine

"Frayed Pride and Fried Pickles"

So that's the back story . .  but the purpose of this post . . . to send you all to The Diamond for dinner, and  
focus on my love for 50's inspired wall paper . . .

I love theirs . .  it's just kitschy and cool.

Take a look at a few other we have to offer from people such as Sanderson's, Bradbury & Bradbury, Abigail Edwards and Mini Moderns.

these images are from the Spanish wallpaper firm Coordonne

Kitsch is Good !

- Beth