My Preoccupation(s) de Jour . .

Hey there . . .

Why are the weekends so short !  There are so many things I want to pack into a day - what happens is the A.D.D kicks in and I do a little bit of all of it - Ugh . . .  

My overly optimistic "thought-list" for the day:  

I really want to work on narrowing it down to one (or maybe two) so today my obsession or preoccupation (key word engrossed) . . . 

. . . . will be dinner (since I really need to go to the grocery store and deal with that ice maker thing).  

Want to make from scratch some Stroganoff . . . Found this great recipe . . 

 for more details check out -  Food Wishes

So . . while this meat was braising (a good hour) I ambled over to Metrolina Expo.  If you are from the Charlotte area, Metrolina Tradeshow Expo is a fairground full of "antiques and collectables" or to the  average eye . . . a few antiques and a lot of junk.  I love some good junk - transforming junk, interesting junk, repurposing junk, junk like this . . . .

But . . . as my day turned out . . I added a needed layer to the canvas I am working on, made it to the grocery store, by way of the carwash, cleaned the freezer, while putting the groceries away (and mentally designed my client's den in my head),  got Keith to start dinner, hit Metrolina, came home, ordered Lucy a few clothes on line while painting Kate's nails at my desk, looked at my taxes, called the groomer for the dogs, all while watching a pay-per-view movie in the background - plan on going to bed early to take care of the nap part.

I'd like to see a man multi-task like that.

Have a Happy Week !

- Beth

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