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I hope everyone local knows about the Dilworth Home Tour coming on September 21st and 22nd !  With our showroom located in the heart of Dilworth, we love to take a work break and check out the great designs and unique homes on the tour.  It's a fun time to stroll around and get inspired.

Get your tickets on line or stop by T. Reid and Company on East Boulevard, Paper Skyscraper and Dilworth Drug.

My friend Taylor Presson of www.sweethomecharlotte.net has the fun job of reporting on all the homes this year on her blog.  Be sure to get your ticket.  One of my favorites, and the signature home  428 East Kingston Avenue is a must see, here's a preview from Sweet Home . . .

photo by Terry Loeb

I also want to extend a big thanks to Taylor for choosing Lucy and Company for her feature story in this issue of the Dilworth Quarterly !!!  I was most impressed by her gift of the written word.  Unlike my rambling and often use of poor grammar and spelling - she was quite eloquent !

Thanks Taylor !!

Fun, Funky & Fresh: Modern Design Reigns at Lucy & Company

By Taylor Presson
Lucy & Company, located in the heart of Dilworth, is nestled near the corner of Dilworth Road West and East Boulevard. The chocolate brown building, with its delicate cream-colored cursive lettering and black & white chevron front stoop is classic and eye- catching. Under dark skies, the showroom’s expansive windows are often softly lit to display the unique and colorful interiors designed by owner Beth Keim.

A long time resident of Plaza-Midwood, Beth followed her heart, clients and real estate investment instincts, and brought her magical showroom to Dilworth in 2006.

Named after Beth’s oldest daughter, Lucy & Company is a true family affair. Husband Keith is an accomplished artist and craftsman, and is often the talent behind Beth’s unique and customized designs. Lucy and youngest daughter Kate are a constant presence in the shop and provide daily inspiration for the light-hearted and whimsical interiors that have become Lucy & Company’s signature.
No stranger to historic homes (her own home dates back to the 1920’s), Beth knows how to make modern interior design shine within the architectural constraints of older homes. Her love of all things historic is evident just listening to her talk about “cold, hard plaster walls, high ceilings, and thick beautiful moldings.” Respecting the integrity of the home, she prefers to “add on” to existing design elements. She has a few favorite tricks (or as she refers to them), “happy surprises.” Some of these include adding molding and modern materials to ancient fireplaces to create the illusion of height by connecting dated picture molding to crown molding, as well as saving antique crystal chandeliers and hanging them in unexpected places.

Stop by the showroom, visit www.lucyandcompany.com or check out her blog at www.lucyandcompanyblog.com to see what Beth is up to now!

So get out and enjoy the hopefully cooler weather and spend some time roaming the Dilworth Homes.

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  1. Thanks love!!! Who better to write about in Dilworth but the Qeen of Divine Design. BTW-Your showroom looks amazing!