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I would say everyone collects something.  I have a love of coffee table books, so when I wandered into Taschen's space at the NY Gift show last fall, I stopped dead.    They were introducing a limited collection entitled Fashion Designer's A to Z.  It is available as a series of six Designer Editions.  Each edition (a total of 11,000 copies) is bound in a fabric created by one of six designers - Akris, Etro, Stella McCartney, Missoni, Prada and Diane von Furstenberg all housed in a Plexiglas box.  The actual fabric chosen for your copy is a surprise!  For the Prada issue four classic prints from previous collections and re-printed.  Prints including "bananas," "hearts," " the abstract geometric "diamonds," and a floral reissued for Prada from the 1960 Holliday & Brown archives.

Molly received hers last week - the now SOLD OUT Prada cover.   (It took me a minute too... but all contents are the same .. you would be ordering a specific designer's cover).

Inside is a century's worth of fashion greats from the permanent collection of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology and celebrated in this limited-edition volume.  Photographs of over 500 garments and texts by the curators explain why each designer is important in fashion history.  I have ordered the Missoni cover and cannot wait !  

Here's a sneak peak . . .

Copies are limited . . 
. . . I am waiting for mine . . . chose the Missoni

The Prada cover sold out so quickly, so - give us a call asap or email "info@lucyandcompany.com" to order your copy !!!

$350 plus tax (and shipping)

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