Install of the Day, Part No.2

Hey . . 

Ok yes, still on plane and completely restless.  So I forgot to add Lori's Powder Room to the last post. We overhauled this tiny space as well when we were working on the home office.  Decided to take out the existing vanity and have this made.  Thank you Chris Havey, love it !  Added new wall paper and new sconces . . .

Just a tweak or two can really transform a space.  The top of this vanity was pretty, it was just the base that wasn't thrilling either of us.  Chris made this very simple cabinet, with a detailed foot.  WE then added molding in a gold leaf - that's what takes it from simple to something a little special.

Take a look !

Loving a pretty powder room.

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  1. I just LOVE these lights, are they from the interior deluxe shop? I think I saw them there a while ago...