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On this chilly morning it's hard to think about a summer beach design, but I am.  I actually love heading to the beach in the winter.  It's quite.  Everything feels still.  That's how it felt last weekend when I was out there, hunkered down at Lisa Sherry's place, working on the design boards for a new job on the the island.

I just finished tweaking and we'll be back on BHI installing the Freeman's new home in the not so distant future. It's time to work on the crazy logistics of an island install, or should I say, time for Bree to do her orchestrating magic.  Consolidating, lining up a truck and the barge. It can be crazy but so fun when it's actually happening.   I met with my clients, Scott and Melanie Freeman yesterday, all was approved and we are ready to roll.  I have worked with them for years (here) on their home here in Charlotte so doing this design came quickly, we get each other and I know their taste. Naming the place "Marsha, Marsha," hilarious and most appropriate.  I am really excited about this project.

Take a peek at what's to come !

The entry foyer sets the tone.  The walls are already covered with horizontal planking in a gray wash, so that's good.  I plan to do a beachy (of course) vibe, but one of my biggest pet peeves is taking that too far.  Using distressed wood, rope, and shades of whites, grays, and blues are as far as I want to go.  A clean palette, letting the gorgeous view be prominent is the plan and visual.

The main living and dining space are wide open to each other.  Distressed woods and, as Scott requested, "bullet proof" fabrics were a must.  Being that I chose whites and creams, a tough fabric is a must.  Sunbrella offers several fabrics that aren't -  for lack of a better description - "hard and crunchy" like most outdoor fabrics.  These are soft with a slight texture.  These fabrics are amazingly tough.  I actually watched one of my sofa vendors dunk a sample in bleach - nothing... so Sunbrella it is.  A long dining table with six chairs will be paired with a custom bench in another Sunbrella stripe to add a bit of color.  Bar stools, new lighting and art all in the dining area.

The living area to the left will have a custom, low back sectional with long chaise.  This look will keep the space wide open as oppose to cutting it off from the dining area.  We are adding a large driftwood chandelier and seagrass rugs - easy, easy and beachy.

I wanted a chaise and interesting chair to the right of the sofa.  Up against the knee wall that drops down the stairwell - a long shelf.  Mel was concerned about chairs against a knee wall with a long drop down the stairwell- 4 small kids climbing and nose diving - the shelf and chairs pulled away might help her sleep better.  The large long wall in the stairwell should be the perfect spot for a vintage wood surfboard.

The surfboard, mixed with vintage posters and photos is the look I am aiming for as far as art to brighten up all those wood walls.  I'll be heading to San Francisco in a few weeks and with a trip down to Half Moon Bay, I will be on the search!

Not to have this space scream California (or Hawaii) I really want to find a few North Carolina vintage posters . . . something like these.  Also hoping to have Mekenzie with me for the big install to take a few special photos of the island to fill in.

On the second floor is the Master Bedroom.  As in most of these BHI Keeper's Landing homes the kids are all on the ground level and the Master is upstairs (perfectly planned I would say)  The colors and tones will be carried into that space.  Creams, whites, grays.  I found an upholstered king bed on sale and plan to mix it with white side tables and dresser.   Kind of love a round shell mirror in there.  Crisp white bedding, all very light and airy.

The first floor is the kid (and guest) zone.  Pulling the blues from the foyer, we are taking the largest of the rooms and creating a bunk room for their four girls and all the other kid visitors.   The room is lined with windows, so the plan is to add parson style daybeds underneath the windows with a bunk on the one wall where there is obvious space for a bed.   The bonus to these daybeds - they come with trundles as does the bunk, so some 9 kids could fill this space!  I found the perfect rug and pillow fabric to give this space a little fun and punch.

Two other Guest Rooms are downstairs, one with a white daybed already in place.    The plan for that... just new paint colors, a rug and pillows.  It's in pretty god shape and will be designated as a kid TV hanging room.  Just fun accessories should do the trick.

In the last bedroom - I saved all the best pieces that came with the purchase (the rest had to go) and worked just on paint colors and accessories.  We saved a red check chair, 4 poster bed, white dresser and white side table.  Plan is to paint three walls white and the one wall behind the white four poster bed black.  As a nod to Lisa, I am adding a vintage American Flag.  With new pillows and bedding this space feels very Cape  to me- love it.

Lisa has used flags in her designs and I love the look.  Thought I'd add one as well behind the bed.

I want to mix in a few hand painted black chevron, burlap pillows along with a little Sugar Boo Art in both these bedrooms and bath.

That about sums it up.  Should be an amazing, relaxing and fun place for the family.  I took into consideration (with all the sunbrella fabrics) any potential renters.  It should show well with Mekenzie's pics - Bonus !!!

The Marsha - Marsha should be gorgeous !

Happy Sunday.

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