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Hey There.

Yep on vacation.  Visiting my brother and showing the girls my second favorite city.   Up early, sitting on the window seat, drinking coffee and smelling bacon.  I am in heaven.  Planning our day - here in San Francisco.  But in the meantime I actually have the time to play on the computer, look at Pinterest, read my favorite blogs and generally goof off.  

I am looking for something pretty to make with Kate and my niece Georgia while we are all cooking this coming Thursday.  I am all about giving the kids a "project."  There is a plethora of cheesy holiday decor ideas and recipes on Pinterest, but there are also some really good ones - like these. 

I love all the succulents that grow amok around here.  I think this is the one forTurkey Day  centerpieces.

Some other ideas I found... I like to keep it a little on the simple side.

Gotta go . . . Santa Cruz is on the agenda !

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