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Finished installing at Lisa Hick's home yesterday.  A new build in much need of color and furniture! When we met, I could see they needed help with a game plan to mix her love of teal and eclectic furnishings in four spaces.  My deadline, Thanksgiving.  So finished just under the wire and just before I split town for my much anticipated vacation with the family.

The Hick's style is definitely eclectic.  A little bit of modern, a little rustic, saturated color.  I was thrilled to help this couple pull it all together, as this combination style can be tricky.

I started in her family room and kitchen which soon bleed into the foyer and front living - turned home office - space.  The goal was to combine a very modern and sleek kitchen with a few rustic pieces she already had.  I kept the color teal for two chairs and fabrics, but brought it back into the front office on the walls for a little drama.  Take a look at all the design boards and details, this client certainly isn't afraid of a little color !

This brand new home has a great layout, open with tall ceilings and plenty of space.  Painted though out in a pale grey I decided to add the pop color in the furniture and a few accent walls.  As you enter the foyer we added a grey graphic wall paper for a welcoming bit of drama, but on the subtle side and saved the color for the office walls and furniture in the living room.  

As you walk straight back into the living room we created a focal wall in the niche with this amazing wall paper by Amanda Talley.  Available through us and at Hidell Brooks Gallery, this paper is the showstopper in the room.  Amanda is an amazing artist and her pieces are so beautiful.  This paper has the style and feel of her art, yet with a smaller, continuous pattern.  I loved it so much I used a bit in our office as well.  We framed it out and added a large sideboard against it with two teal and grey glass lamps.  Layering more art and sculptures gives the feeling of collected an only gives your focal wall more attention.  The key though - knowing how to edit !

On a site note - Check out more of Amanda Talley's work on both her site and Hidell Brooks !

The living space has a big punch of color in the two new upholstered swivel chairs, red and teal ikat rug and amazing curtains, another big focal point you see from the front foyer.

Lisa's large, distressed wood pieces, I feel, are complimented by the rustic and strong color palette.  We are pondering adding horizontal "wood" tile on the TV and fireplace wall, an additional that I think would be perfect in this space - giving it a little more depth.   Stay tuned for that !

Take a look at a few of the details in this space.

The living room is open to the dining and kitchen area.  Using the same colors we added splashy curtains and a strong rug under this new dining table, all tying back to the colors in the family room (foyer and office).

It was fun pulling this look together for the Hicks.  We have painted and installed the front living room turned office.  With a few other added pieces it will be completed soon.  Stay tuned !

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