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I love a new project, and I love a blank slate.  Even more, I love a client who is so excited about turning her small space into something unique, cozy and all hers.   I met with Tracy just this past Friday and her enthusiasm was so infectious that I couldn't wait to work on the design for her.  She did her homework and scoured Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration to show me a look she was drawn to.   She loved this paper I had used on a past project.  I still love it, but decided to go with a different color way specific to just her.  

I jumped right on this 800 square foot diamond in the rough to create a much lighter, brighter, eclectic space.  It is time to really call it home for her, updated and fresh, with all new stuff !

First things first - it's in serious need of new colors and a new feel.  Take a look at what will get the ball rolling.

This gorgeous paper by Eskayel.  This particular color palette with set the mood for the main living room.  Whites, pale blues, a touch of peacock and cream.

I began pulling other fabrics and other papers to work with the feature wall, then started narrowing down the furniture options.

I love this bookcase and with such little storage in this space, every set of doors helps !
Also filtering in this much larger storage piece.  Perfect for under the TV near the entry door.  

These design boards helped Tracy visualize what new colors and new pieces I had in mind and just where I would place them.  She has an oddly placed fireplace with a large nook over top.  Meant for a TV I am sure, but it faces directly toward the front door, and the first thing you see when you walk in. I thought adding interior shelves with a sliding barn door would turn it into a much more visually attractive view as you enter !  We can mount art over top and store more things inside.  Now art will be your entry view as oppose to a TV.  

Now the right wall will hold the TV and large console and create a small entry "foyer" type walkway.

Painting her cherry kitchen cabinets white will update and lighten that space, also visible from the living space.  An entirely new floor enters the picture as well.   Rather than refinishing, I am planning to try tile in a grey wood pattern in the entire place !

The focal wall, is to the right.  I love this.  A new sofa in a mid tone grey, flanking floor lamps and mirrors to reflect more light around and create symmetry.

A new occasional chair and light and airy coffee table with an antique mirror top will also reflect the more light.  I have a large (yet shallow) drum shade chandelier and graphic pattern jute rug going on as well.

In the front window, new bamboo blinds and simple grey linen curtains.  A small marble top table and two vintage chairs I have been coveting at the showroom.  They are so perfect for her I am letting them go.  I plan on turning the blue bookcase on the side wall near her new table.  I am hoping this will be perfect spot for a small meal or a little work action.  The window view will be much more soothing and inspiring than the kitchen island, I think !

Here's a better view of the long wall by the front door.  TV, matching sconces and plenty of storage.  A much better place for the TV - opposite the sofa and not over the fireplace !

I am thinking this floor plan will change it up and lighten it up for Tracy !

We don't want to neglect her master bedroom.  A little more paper on the headboard wall.  An upholstered bed and new linens.  I have a side table on the right with a light, airy grey glass lamp and on the left, a sconce.  She has a nitche to the right of the bed, adding custom drawers or cabinets would fill the space and add more storage and the sconce on that side would allow for more access to that storage nitche.  We could house a small TV over top or opposite on the dresser.  I want to carry the grey tile flooring in all the rooms to help visually make things larger and cleaner.

And lastly, an updated bathroom.  New vanity, floating shelves and a tall matching cabinet in that dead space just before you hit the shower.  New Calcutta Grey tile on the floor and antique brass hardware.

Yum !

So excited and Tracy loved it.  I am thrilled.  Game on !!

Happy Sunday

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