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Had the pleasure of meeting Ali Nikrooz recently at dinner with Mark Herman and Kathleen Hand of Charlotte Urban Home.  Ali is the owner of Couture Knots.  Located in my hood on Cleveland Avenue, his showroom became a destination on a Friday afternoon after we met and I was treated to a glimpse of some of the amazing rug collections he represents.  Stay tuned for a full post on the beauties available at Couture Knots, but one of the artists he represents is Jan Kath.  I say artist because that is truly what these pieces are - works of art.

The series "From Russia With Love" really caught my eye.  I was immediately drawn to these vibrant, floral patterns.

A rug is an investment and these creations, with their updated take on floral will stand the test of time.  With "Boho Chic" gaining such popularity, these pieces will solidify the look in such a visually strong way.  Any of these rugs will be your wow factor.  Take a look !

He graciously brought by a few samples the other day to get an up close and personal look, amazing right !

photos by mekenzie france

Boho Chic, in my opinion, should always include a little floral in one way or another.  Last fall when I started designing a new look for the showroom the first thing I chose was a large floral, silkscreened fabric as my jumping off point.  This year I have added piece after piece to create a look with depth, and drama and have the feeling of collected over time.

In the spirit of floral take a look at the stronger, saturated, vintage side of floral and where I find inspiration.

These new, yet vintage feel, chandeliers have a delicate organic look.  In a powder room, entry foyer or nook, they surely will add an artistic touch.

All things floral . . . for inspiration . . .

The Scout Guide included this image in one of their recent blog posts.  It reminded me of my black dining room recently installed and how beautifully floral centerpieces would enhance the look.

Alexander McQueen's collection with The Rug Company has always been a favorite.  This needle point piece is exquisite in person.

And when I think floral, I think hummingbird.  These wool and silk wall hangings are available in 5 x 3 and 6 x 4 sizes as well as pillows.   All are hand woven and mounted - Wow !
Known for his theatrical fashion shows, he added fantasy and rebellion to all his creations.  Three years in the making McQueen's rug collection took craftsmanship to couture levels winning the aware for "Fashion's Contribution to Design" at the 2010 Elle Decoration British Design Awards.

McQueen tragically died in 2010.  The custodian for the Alexander McQueen brand is now the right hand woman, Sara Burton, who has earned her own international success for beautiful creations honoring his vision.

Bring on the roses !!!

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