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Another little job the other day, an upstairs landing.  Have a boring, large area at the top of the stairs? Turn it into something pretty . . .  Maggie and I worked together on this space, adding chairs, an area rug, bookcase, art and wall paper, it was big enough to handle all that.  What I love is how pulled together it is and the big, vast area or nothingness now is filled with pretty as you head up the stairs

Take a look at where we started.

Wondering what this is?   I love this idea.  Two upholstered benches with upholstered panels attached to the wall.  It creates a much more impressive look and this long wall needed something. 

Rather than your typical wall of pictures . . . 

As you top the stairs we added these neutral chairs, but filtered in touches of teal in the pattern, vintage ottoman and pillows.  All these colors were pulled from other fabrics we used in the second landing to tie them all together !

Gorgeous art by one of my favorites, Natural Curiosities!

Great styling of simple teal accents on this bookcase we found, Maggie always finds the best things.

Love, love the base of this ottoman, and the pattern keeps all the solids from looking a bit dull.

As you walk down the hall to the second landing by the front staircase, we added wall paper.  A great vertical stripe using our colors.

The paper and fabric combined.. . .

I messed around with this idea.  As oppose to just a bench or table with lamps or wall of photos, I wanted something different.  We had made these two upholstered ottomans and wall mounted backs.

The backs use the same bench fabric mixed with cream "pleather" and antique gold nail heads.  A simple mirror is then attached slightly above center.  Kinda love this look! 

Landings  don't have to be dull, that's for sure !

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  1. WOW, what great designs!! I love the bookcase and my cats would too! #GreatDesign