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Pool Room, Media Room, major Family Game Room !  I couldn't wait to install this space for a long time client who loves her blues.  This large, large space, opens out onto the lake and follows the same foot print as the first floor.  It needed most everything, including a new floor.  Out went the gold carpet, maroon and hunter green swoop and droop window treatments and blah blah paint color - all that came with the house.  In went the colors we worked with upstairs.  We filled the space with major family fun.  Several swivel chairs, a long custom sofa, game table, ottomans, lighting and reworked a bank of bookcases.  

Take a look at the design boards we created with all the goods to incorporate !

There are essentially three "zones" in this room.  The pool zone, the TV zone and the game zone.  I tried to coordinate them all in like colors and style.

One of the main thing I wanted to do was "close off" the existing open wall to wall bookcase with a few doors.  We reworked them with sliding top ones on a track - very cool.  My upholster did an awesome job on covering these doors with fabric and a nail head detail.

The existing pool table was fine, but we decided to re-felt the top in a more complimentary color.  My favorite of all, the photo Mekenzie shot ahead of time of their dog Briggs, which I had blown up and stretched !

Take a look at the finished product !!

This pool area I love.  Though the pool table was a bit traditional, we surrounded it with more modern pieces for a transitional look.  Styled bookcases, large art, seating in the window, and a great console behind the sofa with more seating.  

The TV zone now has four new swivel chairs, a long sofa and coffee table with two pull out ottomans!  Major seating in the space.  I especially love how the bookcase looks now with the upholstered doors hiding the not-so-pretty.  A huge TV hides behind the center sliding doors.  

And see that drum shade !!  The "Bufta" by Stray Dog.  It's H U G E and fills that tray perfectly.

And lastly the "game" zone.  Perfect for board games or even lunch, dinner or party food.  Another Stray Dog fixture and more wishbone chairs to match the console chairs.  

Take a closer look at the amazing shots Mekenzie took . . .

The floor was wall to wall gold carpet.. gone.  In came this faux wood tile, wall to wall.  Easy to clean and perfect for wet lake feet !!

Lastly, I came across the perfect art piece by Jennifer Levine.  Found at Slate Interiors at the last minute.  Totally bringing all the colors together in one abstract, beautiful piece.

Next up, the 3rd floor "landing."  It's a large area at the top of the stairs.  Just outside the kid's bedrooms, it's the perfect spot for a playroom / kid hang out spot.  We have a small sofa with chaise, a couple of chairs and a coffee table (kid tough for games).  A good lounge around to watch TV, hang out and do homework and chill.  Stay tuned !!

all photos by Mekenzie Loli

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