Volcanic Basalt Furniture


So in that upcoming install, the big one with so many moving parts, I am incorporating one of my favorite hanging chairs.  I first saw it while I was in London and was happy to locate their US distributor.  Available through us here at Lucy and Co if you want to have a little Volcanic Besalt yourself.  So cool, indoors or out.  Mine will be right in the three sided windows in our upstair family room, just like being in the trees.

Basalt is a dark-colored rock that’s most often formed from lava flow. They take the molten basalt rocks and stretch them through a special spinner, which creates the fiber yarn needed to construct the furniture. The process is done by hand which means each piece of furniture is truly one-of-a-kind. The material is ultra durable making it perfect for outdoor use.

Pretty cool huh !

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