Design Boards - Key to Visualizing !

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Wrapped up a new house project for the Adkisson's just recently.  It was quit the project.  Tearing out walls, painting the entire space, adding a beam and a fairly big face lift to the kitchen.  I created these boards in the hopes it would help in the decision making and give my client a clear look at the vision I have.  I am most excited about this install !  Take a look at our upcoming install.

The entry of this home has a small, small foyer, I'm talking about 45 inches wide!  I decided to create a floating "drawer" mounted to the wall with a large, off center pendant as oppose to your typical chest and lamp.  I wanted it to set the tone for the new non-traditional feel of this traditional home.

With respect to colors, the entire space was a dirty cream, trim and all.  With the goal to brighten everything, we painted the walls and trim China White and added a few wall paper pops.  Navy was our accent color of choice. 

The long living room had a wall that partly closed it off to the kitchen area.  The first thing I wanted to do was open the wall up more, adding a wood header which enabled us to push the sofa back creating a more open concept.  This little adjustment really added light and space I felt.  Adding an accent wall paper on the new shorter fireplace wall gave you a dramatic visual when you entered the front door. 

Accent curtains and new furnishing for a new look.

One of our splurges was this killer Schumacher trim.   Sometimes it's the little details !

A new sectional with chaise and a large Stark carpet, custom cut to fill the new layout.

Flanking cabinets and sconces and a new kitchen island.

My favorite, the dining room.  Being that we killed the breakfast area and pushed the sofa back, the goal in this space was to create something casual enough to use on a daily basis.  Who really uses that formal dining room these days anyway.  We created a casual dining room - open to our kitchen at my house and we use it every night now !

Stay tuned !  Mekenzie's shots are coming.

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