The Christmas Card

Merry Christmas Eve !

Cards finally in the mail !  I'm just proud of myself that they aren't Valentine's cards !! I love Christmas cards, we have a big bowl of them on the kitchen island.  It aways blows my mind to see how quickly friend's kids change over the year.  My friend Holly's stepson suddenly became model material and both my girls paused and asked if I had a delivery to their house any time soon.  We always anxiously await  that one card from a friend of mine in Manhattan... hilarious as always.  This year, after a drive by at T. Reid we drove around Noda looking for a good back drop.  As always the last pictures I took were the better of the batch.  Now I am no photographer, but my one bit of advise - pay attention to the background !  It was a fun afternoon and as they get older and older I am desperately trying to freeze the moment !  

I discovered Print Studio two years ago and love them.  Small operation in San Francisco.   Get the App on your phone and when you take that great picture, you can simply download to their site and they will send you the coolest postcards.  Being stupid organized I have a folder on my phone called "travel" and towards the end of the year I would order about 10 of these postcards to add to my stash.  This year I used then on my tree - so cute.

. . . another idea for all those holiday cards . . .

or how about this !

Merry Christmas !  Lucy and Company . . .

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