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I am all about kitchens lately, working on a few, including my own in Brevard, so been researching like crazy.  Emily Henderson did a wonderful post recently on the looks for 2018 - Glad to see the looks I am loving are on her must have list as well.  I admire her style.

Three of my favorite looks - the full slab wall, the wood elements and the concrete detail.  Love Love Love all these new kitchen ideas.  I am actually incorporating 2 of the 3 in my house.

Let's look at the full slab back splash . . . . How striking are these. 

Finding the perfect material can be a little stressful in that the price marked on the slab is just a fraction of the cost.  Giving that slab to the fabricator for the full install price is key in the decision making.  


I especially love this look with the wood and concrete mix in.

The next detail is pretty awesome as well.  The incorporated stone sink or "built in" sink.  Expensive, yes, but how gorgeous.  Pour concrete built in sinks - much more affordable . .  keep scrolling . . .

Now let's talk wood, and concrete.  I mentioned recently on Instagram and in a previous post (here) my new obsession for wood cabinets - if done correctly !  Love how they warm up a kitchen and a great alternative to the all white cabinet if incorporated with white or the look of concrete or plaster.

I am actually mixing the wood with back counter top and concrete sink in the Brevard house - cannot wait to see !!

Lastly the come back of terrazzo.  What is it ?  It's a composite materials poured in place or pre casted.  It consists of chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass poured with a chemical binding.  It was huge in the 40's.

Not for everyone - but pretty different and I am loving.

Think outside the box.

Stay tuned for my favorite kitchen lighting.

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