The Drama Wall


I've been MIA for a while now, life got in the way and finding time to contribute to the blog kept getting pushed but with a New Year I plan to change that !

2017 was a crazy, busy and exciting year for me. The top highlight was of course getting married last April ! Soon after that we bought our first home together in West Charlotte. We love finally having a place to really call our own, and be able to make it feel like a home is so much fun.  I'm more focused on the interior and what wallpapers we are going to use and Matthew is more focused on the outside and the yard . . . just how I like it !

 Like many of our clients we are tackling the decorating in phases. The first area we chose to work on was our master bedroom. I had three different plans for this room and this was the winner ( stay tuned to see the runner-up design plans ).  I love bright, white and clean spaces but that doesn't mean you can't throw in dark accents to add interest and drama to a room. I chose to go with a black accent wall behind our bed for that very reason - DRAMA.  I love the contrast the bed has with the dark paper, and the mood it sets right when you enter the room. Our master is on the first floor and is right off the kitchen, so this accent wall of bold paper has a big impact as you walk by. 

 Keeping a casual feel to the room was key for us, we are not a fancy pair by an means. When it came to the bedding I did not want anything super tailored or stuffy. I always opt for a coverlet when it comes to my own bedding.  I find duvet covers to be a pain and sometimes look messy.  The main focus on this side of the room is the wallpaper, but the bed also needed some pattern and texture to stand up to it.  Mixing patterns doesn't have to be busy if you are keeping in the same color palette.

I really like mixing wood and metallic together in a space. I'm not super keen on the glam look but I do love metallic accents in a room. I think mixing in some rustic elements with metallic help tone it all down. I love the mix of the wood dresser with the gold mirror and silver lamp, it's a perfect example of how the two styles work together.

-- Don't forget to mix metals .. please don't do all chrome, or all gold throughout an entire room !! Always matching is not always good !

photos by Mekenzie Loli

We've started working on a few other rooms in our house! Can't wait to get them done and share :) Stay tuned !!

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  1. Love this look. Would you share the details on the wall covering and the nightstands? I'm looking for a wall covering like this for a powder room----and just love the nightstands because...... Thanks!