The Fancy Door !


Who needs an average door when you can do a statement door?  I have loved working in  that element on several designs in the past year or two and now I'm a bit obsessed.  It's a chance to really add a custom look to the space and really be unique.

Take a look at just what I mean in this custom entry created by one of my favorite carpenters, Jason Wolfe.  This heavy, flat panel door was scored with a one inch groove filled with gold leaf in a modern geometric pattern.  I went one step further and added brass tie backs as knobs.  It's a show stopper on the way to the even bigger showstopper new master bathroom.

Take a look at a variety of door styles I pulled from my files . . .  upholstered, distressed wood, mirror, shagreen, art covered, hidden shiplap, and my all time favorite - black metal !

I love the mix of the grey washed wood with the mesh.. perfect for the rustic chic look !

Now I'm getting over the barn door thing a bit - but love this mix of the barn door and the distress old "french" look.

The hidden shiplap door - we did this at our office... so cool.

I would kill to have my closet all tripped out with doors - such a clean look.

Or cover up all the files, and junk behind there !

That's exactly what I did on this install... in 2015 - and these are on sliders.

Be creative with the details.


Back to the gorgeous wood . . .
If I were to ever build - I would incorporate a huge walk in pantry - with glass and wood - or metal doors !

Ruard Veltman design this amazing set up upholstered doors.

How about a little art covered doors !!

These last two doors are upholstered.  I installed these in 2016.  We took down the original and created new frames with upholstered "pleather" and nail headed inserts. 

And this has a matching on the opposite wall.  One is a pantry - one goes to the basement - you'd never know !

Create something special !!!

Happy Friday !!


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