The Oversized Vintage Mirror

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I love a tall, tall vintage mirror.  Just tucked somewhere in the room up against the wall, or as a major focal point.   It adds not only that reflective quality but a little age and beauty.  I was the first one at the door at the Textures showroom during the 2015 High Point Market to snag the ever popular mirrors they offer up only at Market.  Was thrilled to add it to my living room . . .

It's hard to find that perfect tall vintage mirror, so if you ever come across one - grab it.  There's always a place for it.  I tell my clients all the time - oversized is good !  Big mirrors, big chandeliers, big art.  It's so impactful.  Take a look at "the look" to see just what I mean . . . (pulled from my Pinterest files)  What comes to your mind - Paris maybe !!

I have found some on One Kings Lane,  and of course 1st Dibs.  Take a peek at what I've found

Another thought is the antique mirror screen - this one is new and we can order.  It's gorgeous in person!
and it all else fails - Restoration Hardware has some... you know how I feel about the chains... but these are pretty good.

When interviewing for a new assistant at the office, I ask applicants to create a design board (so I could get a good look at their taste level)  Happy to report Morgan incorporated a tall vintage mirror.  I think it was that, the professionalism of her design boards and the fabulous shoes she was wearing that landed her the job !!!

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