When I Have a Day Off.

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It's rare I have a few days off, especially this time of year.  I had a few clients that needed their spaces done for the holidays.  We installed 4 jobs, about 8 spaces the week leading up to Thanksgiving and another 3 before Christmas.  Just that time of year, always busy.  It can be frantic but I am so use to it now and I know to expect it !  We have our Christmas party in February !

But during the craziness I took a day off to meet my sweet Mom and Dad who came over so we could make our yearly fruit cakes.  Now before you say yuck.. these are good, really good.  Anything with a bottle of bourbon should be good.  We steam them in the original steamer my great-grandmother used, so that's pretty cool.  Kate has helped more and more over the past few years and I am sure she will take it over so the tradition can continue.  That copper steamer sits on top of our gas stove and the water we keep adding steams them for hours, very cool.  It's a fun day where we all just hang out together....

I played around on my lap top while steaming and we all watched Jerry before Seinfeld.. hilarious.  Really need to finalize some of the details for the Brevard house which is in full swing.  So talking, laughing and lap top surfing was in order that day.

With copper on the brain, I picked a few things for the kitchen.   A lot of sales going on at Crate and Barrel and Macy's at the moment, so taking advantage of.  I am not a big fan of too much on the kitchen counters... with the exception of a few pretty pieces like these.

Needing all new fixtures for three bathrooms in Brevard as well as everything for the kitchen, I am also scouring the deals a bit like everyone else but I have decided to splurge on the kitchen faucet.  I met with my Waterworks rep over at Bird Hardware a few weeks ago and could not refuse this beauty.   I am a sucker for incorporating one of two big ticket items that make me happy every time I look at them.   This bad boy came in around Christmas and it made my day.  We took it out of the box so it could start it's aging process.  Unlacquered brass will turn darker as the air hits it over time.  It's so gorgeous.

From the R.W. Atlas Series, take a look here ... Being that the kitchen is small and I'm not doing any upper cabinets I want one big focal point and this should do the trick.

The plan is to do wood cabinets . .  it is the mountains, and I am getting tired of the all white kitchens.  Want to do a mid tone stain to contrast from the light floors.  Black counter top and a concrete farm sink with long white wall tile to the ceiling on all three sides.  The ceiling actually vaults a bit in there so that should be quite dramatic.  Five wall mount brass sconces (with overhead cans).   This kitchen will be a beauty.

Need as much counter as I can get so no tall fridge, it's around the corner.  I love these refrigerator drawers and being that it's not a full time house, it will be perfect.  I have Tuan on board to make a suspended floating shelf to house the pretty stuff.

Just around the corner in the mud room we have more cabinet space and the tall fridge we will need.  Love the vintage black Smeg Fridge as oppose to just your average fridge. 

Check out this perfect piece of art !!! Received it the other day from Ron Royals, artist/photographer I LOVE IT.   Nice and big too 3 x 4.  Plan to hang over a hand stamped wall treatment in a black and white "+" pattern.  Keith doesn't know we are pulling out the potatoes for that one... old school.

Yep, rather than wall paper, I want to hand stamp the walls in there for a more vintage look.  Potatoes work the best.  It's been years but will be a fun project !

I cannot wait for this house to be done.

So while I'm Pinterest surfing, one of my favorite past times, thought I'd show you a few of my all time favorite pins !  Each one of these rooms are, in my mind, perfect, and are all so different.  I love spending a day just getting ideas.

Gorgeous colors, killer fan.

These floors !!! Love all the white and molding detail on the ceiling.  French inspired modern... my dream pad.

Floors, casual simple sofa, a little leather, black trim windows and again killer ceiling.

Love all this... dream kitchen.  

The casual yet cool dining room.  Great idea for the sideboard that's not a sideboard.  Makes serving a dream.  and how about those floors !!

Another perfect kitchen.  Restaurant inspired perfection.

Oh yeah . . . ceiling, wall sconce, killer table and floors.

Sensing a look here . . . I just love all things black and white with a few edgy details.

My Paris dream apartment.

The perfect "built in" for those, including me who hate built ins.

Being a multi tasker, I am working on a new project at the same time I am looking at ideas in general.    This is a new job I am working on for the Ferguson's.  They finally closed on their Fenton Drive dream house.  I cannot wait to get my hands on that place and help them !  A Frank Smith design from a long time ago, the house is gorgeous.   When you build something right the first time, it stands the test of time.  There are so many fabulous details in this home, just needs a little renovation here and there and some new furniture pieces.  It's classic Myers Park.

 Take a peek at a few of the boards I've finished . . .

As usual I started at the front door and worked my way through it.  Just my thing.. I have to systematically start at the door so I can image every room.

A simple look with interesting pieces and this beautiful new chandelier.

Turn right to the living room.

The living room has three large, gorgeous doors to the front yard.  Very French feeling.  The ceiling has a few large reclaimed wood beams and it's steps up into the dining room.   A fresh coat of white to help the wood beams pop more and a combination of light furniture, a good mix of modern and classic is what I am going for.

Hoping they love the Fortuny chandelier idea (see my post here on my new obsession) Something different and has that European feel.   It can be a little hard to get the classic / modern mix right in a house like this.  Hoping they like this direction.

The living room steps up into the dining room.  Very traditional at the moment, the plan is to make it a dining room that can be used daily.. I'll get back to that.

Just off the living room a side office.  Right now it's a mid tone green completely.  Thinking we'll change to a deep charcoal.  I like the blinds currently in the house, they weren't cheap so let's keep.  Bringing in a lighter desk and chandelier would be good.  This desk is burl wood.  Classic but with clean lines.  Burl is such a gorgeous wood.

Ok so back to the dining room.  I want the Oly chandelier in there.  It's just magical.  I love it.  Want to mix a live edge, casual dining table and black chairs.. something casual.  Mixing this chandelier and a grey over dye rug with casual table and chairs ... why not.  One more element that will give this space interest and loads of texture, this Phillip Jeffries paper I love, actual inlay wood.  My installer hates it - he actually got a splinter he last time I did it, so I'll have to butter him up.

So the look is casual for sure.. but a look that has a timeless elegance and a neutral palette.  One thing I want to see in this dining room are these two large metal cabinets as oppose to a long, low piece.  I love the look and if styled right will add so much.

In the kitchen, we are painting everything a warm white.  taking out a few upper cabinets, and adding a new counter top that will continue up the wall over the brick behind the stove.  Rather than a long, long island, my clients do want a table at the end - either a rustic wood or.. if they like, this round inlay.  I love this table in this kitchen... and inlay isn't as "delicate" as one might think.  The look of this whole kitchen space is just a continuation of the dining room which is the goal.  I truly love the mix of everything.

Off the kitchen a small sitting room where we want to add a cozy area and a bar . . .

Coffee bar in am, cocktails at night.. love it.  Still pondering if we should keep it modern and simple - maybe a shiplap look or add a killer back wall tile. . .  hum... we'll discuss.

And lastly on this floor a re-vamped family room.  All casual, light and bright.

We shall see how they feel about this ... heading to the office this week to find out (crutches and all !)

Taking a design break to decide what's for dinner.. either something good for me or bad for me....  don't you just love potatoes au gratin !

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Or maybe I should kill the carbs and go with cauliflower with roasted garbanzo rice,  peas and avocado.

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And one last thing during my laptop hanging sofa day - a check in with Squish.  I follow him on Instagram.  I love this dog.

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So what do you do on your day off ?

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