The Mural

Hi There !

So I have a new obsession.  The mural.  I have been thinking about it for a while now because I really need some new inspiration and new ideas.   Never want to be "on trend"  too much.  Always wanting to come up with something different.  Now the mural is anything but new, it just hasn't been used in a while.  It's not exactly flooding Pinterest, where most people look to get design inspiration, hence everyone wanting and doing the same thing.  But I say.. be original !  Do something different !

I have used about six of Trove's wall papers in my past.  Hung alone as an accent wall. This was the first one I used back about 12 years ago.  I loved it then and I love it now.

 Trove (here)

There are some gorgeous papers out there..  Cole and Son's Nuvolette is high on my love list.

And of course there is Zuber . . . shown here

Etsy offers up some as well . . .

But what I am really wanting and researching is the hand painted mural.  Whole wall.  You can go about it a few ways and many wall paper vendors offer these papers, sold in sections.  Way no. 2 is the true hand painted directly on the wall.

I am now working with an artist friend of mine in NY who is hoping to move back to the Carolina's.  We have been designing a look for our studio to incorporate on 1 wall and trail onto another.. While I wanted her to paint directly on the wall.. after researching and talking we are coming up with a way to hand paint on a paper and apply to the wall.. It would still be hand painted but would be something made in panels on paper that could be shipped !  All the measurements are taken and a scaled drawing is created for a client to really get a visual !

She's coming to Charlotte tomorrow to paint this beauty at our office and I cannot wait to watch the process.  Major talent.  Stay tuned for pics on Instagram !!!