Finding Your Colors

Hi There

Lavender, Grey and Caramel . . . I love that combination.  I'm writing this post because I am doing a little research myself for my own studio. Yeah it's been a year since I moved into our killer loft at Atherton Mills.  A Year !!!! Now it looks great, but I have been so busy, getting around to finishing off some final details have been on the bottom on my list.  But I am getting excited to finish now that the main element is going in Monday !!!

With a neutral palette I can really go any direction.  I wrote a post back on 1/2/17 and am surprised I  am still drawn to the same color combination.  It must have staying power in my mind I guess.

I have always loved the combination of a dirty lavender mixed with a little darker caramel.  Pulling a few images of that color combination for a visual to make sure I still love it.

 art by Mary Nelson Sinclair

 art by Mary Nelson Sinclair

 art by Mary Nelson Sinclair

Yep, still do.  The whites, blacks and greys are warmed up with that touch of lavender.  The caramel keeps it from looking to sweet.

Here's a little more visual eye candy for the day !

I love this look !