Dream House in Banner Elk

Hi !

So this mountain project I am working on . . . what a view right !  Located at up in Eagles Nest.  Such a beautiful place.  This is a completely new build and should be a showstopper when it's all finished! 

I cannot wait for this project to start !!! Having coming off the Eckle Project (here) the vibe is similar yet more "mountain" in feel.  Should be an amazing mixture of textures in neutral colors with pops of colors here and there.

The dining room will house both large groups and small with the three tables.  Having a straight edge on these round tables, they can be separated and pushed together depending on the event and number of people !

Two large banquettes on each corner will work (and look) amazing in all the layouts.

Cannot wait to play with this !

A master bedroom with a floating wall into the bathroom

Large storage with TV that raises and lowers as not to block that gorgeous view.

Continue to follow in IG (here) to see the progress !

Hope to swing by Artisanal while I am up there !  It's one of my Hickory client's creations and I hear it's so amazing not just design wise but a cuisine wise.  

Chef Bill Greene

I hear there is a long long wait list of course.. hope I have a little pull ... lol